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HC 30 Box 2233, Maysville, WV  26833 |  call: (304) 749-7778
Welcome to the Eastern Puma Research Network founded in July 1983 by a group of volunteer professional and semi-professional men and women with interests & dedication in providing a continued presence of native mountain lions, pumas & black panthers across eastern North America for the last 200 years.

EPRN officials undertook this special wildlife project so the American scientific establishment, their critics and skeptical office scientists who lack knowledge, expertise & rational understanding on the thousands of credible reports could get a better grip on the mystery.  25% of sightings have been verified thru numerous forms of evidence and "Cluster" groupings in 11 states.

The Eastern Puma Research Network was formally organized under the leadership of Dr. R. Pennington Smith, Courtney Jordan &  John A. Lutz who as current Director is the last of the original professionals to have conducted field studies during the "dark ages of cougar studies" in the early 1960's.  In EPRN's 42 year history, 7,500+ credible sightings have been recorded by trained observers with Forestry, Law Enforcement or Wildlife backgrounds.  

Reports are immediately catalogued by state, then undergo a 5 point evaluation for specific data, precise location, size, color &  if a "cub" was present.  It is further evaluated to determine if it fits into a specific "cluster" or general heading.

To continue an unbiased study, cooperation from the news-media, general populace, forestry, environmentalists, law enforcement, game & wildlife management personnel at every local, state and federal agency level is necessary.

Anyone wishing to report a sighting can reach our Director, John A. Lutz on our 24 hour hotline:  304-749-7778 or write: HC 30 Box 2233, Maysville, WV 26833 or by using the contact form.

We publish a free flyer:  "All You Need To Know About Native Mountain Lions, Pumas & Black Panthers".  To obtain a copy send a stamped, self-addressed business size envelope to above address.  

Thank you for your time & May God Bless America's Wildlife........

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